The City of Elberton has operated electric power facilities since 1895. The Electric Division of Elberton Utilities serves the City of Elberton and its enacted service territory of Elbert County by providing electric power to residences, businesses, and industry. The Electric Division maintains over 156 miles of distribution power lines and three substations to serve 4,600 individual service locations.

Power is purchased wholesale through the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power), and is transmitted through Georgia's unique Integrated Transmission System. MEAG Power was created by the 1975 Georgia General Assembly to provide a low-cost, dependable source of electric energy to its participant communities, including Elberton, who own their own electric utility systems. The diversity of power generating sources gives MEAG Power member communities a competitive advantage to other electricity providers in the United States. MEAG Power co-owns four power plants with three other suppliers in the state. We have partial ownership of nine generating units at four Georgia sites including Plant Hatch, Scherer, Vogtle and Wansley. MEAG Power is the sole owner of the natural gas-fired plant at Wansley.

Elberton Utilities supports the interconnection of distributed power generation facilities, such as SOLAR, in our service area under certain terms and operating conditions. For more information on SOLAR or other renewable technologies, please visit the link below for Electric Utility Documents, Reports & Forms.

For further information about our memberships, please visit the links below.

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