Natural Gas

Elberton Utilities has operated natural gas service facilities since 1951. The Natural Gas Division of Elberton Utilities serves the City of Elberton and a large part of Elbert County. About 4,000 service locations including residences, businesses, and industry are served over 200 miles of distribution service mains. Elberton is served by the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco) interstate pipeline that runs through northwest Elbert and southern Hart counties. Elberton Utilities brings natural gas south from the interstate pipeline in Hart County into Elbert County at high pressure (300 psi) to regulator stations throughout the city. At these regulator stations, the pressure is reduced to 10 psi for transmission through a network of distribution lines and is finally received into homes and businesses at 0.25 psi. The Natural Gas Division monitors system pressure 24 hours a day with telemetering equipment.

Elberton is a charter member of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (The Gas Authority), the largest non-profit natural gas joint action agency in the United States, serving 81 members in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania and Tennessee who meet the gas needs of more than 250,000 customers. The Gas Authority was formed in 1987 by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly to assist Municipal Members who own and operate natural gas distribution systems.

Elberton Utilities can help you with purchasing a natural gas appliance or fixture. We are happy to sell certain gas appliances at wholesale prices to our customers. Please visit our Gas Rebates page for more information. Our On-Bill Financing Program for natural gas customers can finance the purchase of natural gas appliances and heating systems for up to 60 months for projects in value up to $6,500.

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