Natural Gas Rebates

Natural Gas Rebates

The natural gas rebate program is for Elberton Utilities RESIDENTIAL natural gas customers only. To qualify for a rebate, customers must be a current residential natural gas customer of Elberton Utilities, or have a natural gas line adjacent to the location so new service can be installed. Applicant must be the owner of the property on which the new appliances(s) will be installed. Installations must meet local building codes and must pass inspection.

Proof of purchase is required and must be for new equipment only. Used or refurbished equipment is not eligible. The utility account must be in good standing with good payment history.

The customer may receive a cash rebate or choose to have a credit applied to the utility account. Rebates are processed within 30 days of application. The rebate application must be filed with Elberton Utilities within 30 days of installation. Applications made before installation occurs will be held until the appliances are installed and pass inspection.

Central Heating System $500
Tankless or Traditional Water Heater $400
Clothes Dryer $100
Range or Cook Top $100
Generator $100
Logs or Fireplace $50
Light $50
Grill $50


Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters are the 3rd largest consumers of energy in the home. With a tankless water heater you are only heating the water demanded, meaning there is no pilot light constantly burning, wasting energy while trying to heat a tank full of water, just waiting for the next time you turn on the valve for hot water at your sinks. A typical gas fired tankless water heater costs more than a standard tank water heater. However, it will pay for itself in just a few years or less, and will last twice as long as a tank.

One of the best incentives of a tankless water heater is the endless supply of hot water. A tankless water heater not only conserves energy, it also saves space that a traditional tank water heater would take up. Call a Customer Service Representative today and start saving at 706-213-3278(FAST) or come by the office at 230 N McIntosh St.