On-Bill Financing Program

We offer an On-Bill Financing Program to qualifying electric or natural gas customers

The purpose of the program is to promote energy efficiency and the improvement of the health and environmental conditions of the community by providing low-cost financing to residential homeowners for the purchase and installation of home energy efficiency improvements and qualified weatherization upgrades.

Both electric and natural gas customers are eligible for the On-Bill Financing Program. However, the project and funding eligibility is different for each utility due to the difference in funding sources for the program. Customers that have both electric service and natural gas service with Elberton Utilities may choose to apply to either program, but not concurrently.

Review here the financing program for Natural Gas Customers.

Review here the financing program for Electric Customers.

Minimum qualifying criteria:

  • Must be a residential homeowner
  • Must be an electric customer or natural gas customer of Elberton Utilities
  • Must be an owner occupied or owner approved residence
  • Must have been a customer of Elberton Utilities or ElbertonNET for at least 12 months
  • The customer’s utility account(s) must be current with no outstanding balance
  • The customer must have had no more than one late payment in the past 12 month period
  • An inspection report by the Building Inspector of the City of Elberton must accompany the application for any weatherization upgrades, roofing repairs, or structural wood replacement stipulating the installation will meet applicable building codes

Eligible upgrades:

  • Qualified central heating and air conditioning equipment including natural gas furnaces. Repairs and replacement parts to existing units do not qualify. Customers of Elberton Utilities without electric service must choose a natural gas furnace to qualify.
  • Programmable thermostats (in conjunction with new equipment listed above)
  • Home weatherization services such as installation of insulation, air sealing and caulking, and duct sealing and insulation
  • Installation of new weatherization upgrades such as windows, storm windows, doors, or storm doors
  • Installation of roofing or the replacement of rotten or decayed structural wood provided that such installation weatherizes the structure to keep out the elements

The On-Bill Financing Program will allow for a maximum funding amount per customer of $5,000 for eligible funding activities as stated above. Natural gas customers are eligible for financing up to $6,500 for gas appliances and HVAC. Customers will have the option of repayment terms as follows with funding amounts:

  • 60 months for projects having a funding amount greater than $3,000
  • 36 months for projects having a funding amount more than $1,000 but less than$3,000
  • 12 months for projects having a funding amount of $1,000 or less.

Funds for qualified customers are available on a first-come, first served basis. Once funding is approved, the funds will be paid by Elberton Utilities directly to the qualified contractor or retailer with whom the customer has contracted for services. Repayment of funding to Elberton Utilities will occur in equal monthly installments for the term selected by the customer, and shall be added to the customer’s monthly utility bill and will be secured by Elberton Utilities with a utility lien upon the property. A copy of the property deed along with a copy of a contractor estimate or retailer price quotation must be attached with the application. A service fee of of $3.00 per month will apply to all outstanding loans.

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