Request Extension

Account holders may request an extension of time on the disconnection date for non-payment of the account. Extensions are granted only until 5:00 p.m. on day prior to the disconnect date. Extensions are not allowed on the date of disconnect.

Extension requests, if granted, allow account holders 7 additional days to make a full payment of the monthly bill before service is disconnected. The fee for a payment extension request is $45.00. However, if an account holder can pay one-half of the balance due, the extension fee will also be reduced by half. If an account holder has multiple metered utility services and ElbertonNET services on the same bill, then a payment extension may be granted at no charge on the ElbertonNET services provided that the metered utility services are paid when the extension is requested.

Extensions beyond 7 calendar days may not be granted.

To request an extension on your bill, please complete the fields below. You can also call us at 706-213-3278 during normal business hours. As a reminder, no extension may be granted on the date of disconnect.