Elberton Utilities offers a variety of programs for the benefit of its customers, from on-bill financing to senior citizen discounts, we are committed to providing real value through competitive pricing and quality service. Explore the options below to see if you are eligible.

On-Bill Financing Program

The purpose of the program is to promote energy efficiency and the improvement of the health and environmental conditions of the City by providing low-cost financing to residential homeowners for the purchase and installation of home energy efficiency improvements and qualified weatherization upgrades.

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Natural Gas Rebates

The natural gas rebate program is only for Elberton Utilities residential natural gas customers. A bill credit is available for the purchase and installation of natural gas appliances or heating systems, when converting from electric or propane, or for new construction or new installations.

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Equal Payment Plan

This plan allows you to level out your monthly electric costs using a rolling 12-month average. It’s offered to qualified residential members who meet the requirements.

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Senior Citizen Discount

Customers 62 years of age or older may be eligible for discounted electric and security light services and penalty exemption.

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